McDonalds Fine Art Series


These fine art prints are inspired by the work of some of my favourite artists. Each image reflects a pastiche style of the unimaginable. The editions are printed to the highest quality on heavy weight watercolour paper ­­­using archival quality inks. Each print is presented with a hand torn deckled edge and are strictly limited to a signed and numbered edition of 375. Please visit the shop for ordering details.

1: Lichtenstein’s Lunch 53 x 72cm
2: Caulfield’s Cone 61 x 61cm
3: Seurat’s Sunday Treat 85 x 53cm
4: Cubist Breakfast 53 x 66mm
5: Dufy’s Dessert 53 x 62cm
6: Miro’s Milkshake 78 x 51cm
7: Surreal Shower 70 x 53cm
8: Vincent’s Supper 53 x 71cm
9: Warhol’s Shakes 81 x 50cm

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